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My Marketing Plan

Proper prior planning lays the groundwork to ensure that the process of selling your home runs smoothly from listing to closing.

1. Preparing Your Home.

I will provide specific guidance on what you should do prior to placing your home on the market. The goal is to get your home in top condition so that it will command a premium price. Properly setting the home up in the early stages of the sale is crucial in the home selling process. Homes in immaculate condition will leave a last impression on potential buyers.


2. Listing Preparation.

In order for a home to sell it has to be priced correctly. In order to help you determine a price for your home, I will prepare a competitive market analysis based on recent sales and current market conditions to estimate the fair market value of your property.  Once you have an idea of what the area is selling for I can give you tips on how we should price and prepare the property, to ensure it sells for top dollar.

Now that you have determined what price you want to sell the home for it’s time to start marketing the property. There are 2 types of Marketing I will utilize;Passive Marketing and Aggressive Marketing.


3. Passive Marketing

Many agents think this is the only type of marketing they need to do to get a home sold.

While the techniques below are necessary, they alone will not get a home sold. All of these techniques have one thing in common-  they all require “waiting for something to happen.”

  1. Enter your home into the MLS. (Multiple Listing Service) – This makes your home visible to all buyers and real estate agents. It is a database Realtors use to search for potential properties for their buyers.
  2. Produce and mail “just listed” cards to the local community – The idea is to find homeowners or neighbors who are renting or who know people who are looking to buy into the area
  3. Custom Made Brochures and Business Cards – The idea is to make the best possible impression and to provide information so that after looking at dozens of homes, your home will stand out in the buyer’s mind. I create a quality brochure to emphasize all of the important amenities of your home to potential buyers.
  4. Personal Custom Website for Your Home – Many agents create a custom website with a slideshow of pictures for your home, while I can do this, I’ve learned very quickly A website is only good if it is getting traffic. If there is no one looking at the website it can be giving out free money but no one is going to get it.
  5. Broker Open House – Soon after your home is listed, I will hold it open for all agents. In addition to creating broker interest in your property, this will also reduce the number of agents who come days later to preview your home. Refreshments may be served or a cash drawing offered to increase attendance.
  6. Newspaper Ads – Placing an ad in the LA Times every weekend to get your property exposure.
  7. Public Open House – holding your house open for viewings to the public to attract buyers.




4. UNMATCHED Active Marketing

  • I Make Phone Calls – Sales is a contact sport and it is as simple as that. I will make 100 phone calls in 1hr to my sphere of contacts and to other brokers with the software I’m using. The more people I talk to on a daily basis, I get the word out to other brokers, family, past clients and friends who may know someone interested in buying your property! Other agents on average make 12 calls a DAY! I make calls 3 hrs per day!
  • I Utilize the Internet to Your Benefit – Social Media and the Internet are powerful tools. 95% of the world accesses the Internet on a daily basis, that’s where I focus my Marketing Efforts. This is where I excel. With a background in Search Engine Optimization I can gain the most exposure for your home because I know how to target buyers!
  • Relentless Follow Up – I cannot accept failure. I will do everything in my power to obtain the results we need.  I will consistently follow up with past contacts, clients, brokers, and buyers to make sure your property, is getting the maximum exposure.


5.  Negotiating Your Offers.

I am not attached to the outcome of the process. If an agent is afraid to negotiate aggressively for you because they fear losing their commission if they don’t get a deal done, then you’ve already lost. Whose the agent really working for? It’s all about your best interest! I do everything in my power to get you top dollar for your home. Thus, I will not pressure you to accept an offer just to get a deal done. I will provide you with correct and accurate information so when we do decide to accept an offer you’ll know exact reasons why we are choosing that offer.


6.  Walking You Through Escrow.

Escrow can be a difficult time if you are not on top of all the paperwork and not aware of what’s taking place. I ensure that the buyer’s are well qualified, earnest money is received and deposited in escrow accounts and that we are on top of all disclosures and paperwork we need to provide to the other side. More importantly I’ll make sure that you understand all paperwork and the process prior to going into escrow.


7.  Getting You Your Check

The home sales process is a team effort.  My job is to market your and interpret the market enabling you to make wise choices. In the end, I will take great pride in handing you a check at close of escrow. You will be glad you trusted the sale of your home to Rohit Mahtani.

Please Note: The sale of your home is very important to you. Select your agent on their integrity, skill, marketing plan and knowledge – NOT because he or she told you a price you wanted to hear. Unfortunately many people think that their decision should be based only on which agent recommends the highest listing price and the lowest commission. If those are the only criteria, the least competent agent will usually get the job and the owners will lose money somewhere else in the transaction. To gain a half percent in commission cost and lose three percent due to poor marketing, negotiation and transaction management doesn’t make sense. Property that sits on the market unsold for an extended period is unnecessary.